Kristen Hogan: The Feminist Bookstore Movement. Lesbian Antiracism and Feminist Accountability

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From the 1970s through the 1990s more than one hundred feminist bookstores built a transnational network that helped shape some of feminism's most complex conversations. Kristen Hogan traces the feminist bookstore movement's rise and eventual fall, restoring its radical work to public feminist memory. The bookwomen at the heart of this story-mostly lesbians and including women of color-measured their success not by profit, but by developing theories and practices of lesbian antiracism and feminist accountability.
At bookstores like BookWoman in Austin, the Toronto Women's Bookstore, and Old Wives' Tales in San Francisco, and in the essential Feminist Bookstore News, bookwomen changed people's lives and the world. In retelling their stories, Hogan not only shares the movement's tools with contemporary queer antiracist feminist activists and theorists, she gives us a vocabulary, strategy, and legacy for thinking through today's feminisms.


"Using archival research, interviews, and personal experience, Kristen Hogan offers an insightful, loving history of feminist bookwomen s vital contributions to social-justice work and literary traditions: their literary advocacy, activism, and transformation; complex lesbian antiracist feminisms; multicultural coalition-building; innovative relational reading practices; and impact on transnational feminisms and the book industry. Blending historical recovery with forward-looking calls to action, "The Feminist Bookstore Movement" should be required reading for any feminist who appreciates a good book."--AnaLouise Keating, author of "Transformation Now!: Toward a Post-Oppositional Politics of Change""

"A fascinating account of how women's bookstores contributed to the antiracist feminist movement and of Kristen Hogan's personal journey as a bookwoman."--Lisa C. Moore, Publisher, RedBone Press"

"It s difficult to write the history of women s bookstores without romanticizing a complex world of books, ideas, feelings, and feminist community that many of us miss. Hogan describes the pleasures of these communities, as well as the anger and factionalism that their commitments provoked. A literary history that opens and closes with Hogan s own experience working at the Toronto Women s Bookstore, "The Feminist Bookstore Movement" leads us through the rise and fall of this network, which, at its peak, included 130 businesses in North America."--Claire Bond Potter""The Chronicle Review"" (03/27/2016)"


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