Kenneth Oldfield: Resilience. Queer Professors from the Working Class

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First collection of essays by queer scholars with working-class backgrounds.

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First collection of essays by queer scholars with working-class backgrounds.

Academia can be overwhelmingly foreign and hostile to those who have poor or working-class backgrounds. For people who are from the working class and also queer, the obstacles to earning a graduate degree may prove insurmountable. Frequently discouraged from attending college in the first place, these students often struggle to pay for their education while they simultaneously battle prejudice and discrimination because of their sexual orientation and blue-collar backgrounds.

Resilience offers inspiring personal stories of those who made it: thirteen professors and administrators provide their moving accounts of struggle, marginalization, and triumph in the accomplishments that their parents, guidance counselors, and sometimes even they themselves would have thought out of reach. These scholars write in a manner that will enable readers to reconsider their own assumptions and to empathize with the oppression that accompanies being defined as "other."

Autor*in / Hrsg.: Kenneth Oldfield
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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.11.2008

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