Onur Yamaner: Syrian Female Refugees in Turkey. Intersectional Marginalization

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In recent years, migration has become one of the most discussed phenomena, both within and outside the academic world. This book takes into account how Syrian female refugees are socially, economically, culturally, ethnically and sexually marginalized. The author analyzes how discourses produced in the Turkish host society affect Syrian female refugees and local women. What do these women think about the ongoing events, their status and the steps the Syrian government and NGOs as well have taken so far in order to produce solutions for women's invisibilization in the public sphere?

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The data were conducted in suburbs around Ankara with a group of Syrian refugee women and local women, focusing on the connection between the discourses produced in the host society and the social exclusion of Syrian refugee women. The source of the discourses could be differentiated in terms of a large number of factors such as political opinion, cultural background, socio-economic position, gender, age, poverty, education level, religious affiliation and personal experiences. As for the gender aspects in social exclusion of Syrian female refugees, the author shows that the local women also use patriarchal discourse to discriminate the refugees. The objectification of Syrian women and their bodies by their own culture are criticized by local women who are subordinated by the structure of the patriarchal society they live in. In this book, it is aimed to establish a cause and effect relationship of the social exclusion of Syrian women regarding discourse analysis as social critique. To carry out the research, Foucaultian discourse analysis consists of the main part of the study. It is used to understand the intersectionality of discrimination and invisibilization of Syrian female refugees. The relationship between the discourses are underlined, as there are many contrasting discourses about the objects and events that benefited from the genealogical approach. Furthermore, the author also examines the discriminatory discourses towards Syrian refugees on Facebook and in Turkish printed mainstream media by following Van Dijk's Critical Discourse Analysis.


Syrian Female Refugees in Turkey


Autor*in / Hrsg.: Onur Yamaner
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